​*To give every student the encouragement to learn as much as they desire and to take them
beyond their potential!

*To offer an extensive and relevant training schedule

*To offer opportunities for the students to perform and expand their talents.

*To create a caring atmosphere inside the classes and lobby. To allow every student to feel
empowered to learn & obtain his or her goals.

*To help the dancer maintain their accountability in pursuing the consistency of their dance





 At our school you will find an unending energy flowing thru the studio. Our 6,000 square foot facility welcomes all people who desire to learn the art of dance and the freedom of movement.​

    Each of our 4 dance studios are equipped with raised wood floors and a state of the art sound system. All of the rooms have observation windows for parents to view the classes. And our studio also houses a large lobby for the dancers to prepare for class, eat or study. We pride ourselves in our solid teaching staff. Each instructor has a strong technical background along with his or her own unique style. Thru the diversity in our styles, we are able to give all the dancers an enriched background in movement.​

 Many of our dancers have gone on to successful careers in the entertainment industry. They are working in film and on stage.


  At DI, we offer many opportunities for our dancers to perform.

Here is a list of a few of our annual events….

*Annual Dance Concert
*Annual Dance In The Park
*Performance at Benefit Concerts
*Performances for local community events
*Headliners for Festival of Trees

*Annual Winter Concert  featuring The Nutcracker

 Our ballet program, Eleve is one of the top ballet programs in the Inland Empire. With our diversified schedule, we help the dancers prepare for ballet school intensives, college programs and placement in companies. Under the direction of Kelly Mason, our dancers have flourished in the ballet community.


  We also are the home of the DI Allstar Performing Group. This group has received National acclaimed awards for their choreography and performance
excellence. We are proud of their accomplishments and preparing these dancers for a career in the industry.


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